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We believe in privacy, security and anonymity.
We service packs containing VPN, encryptable cloud storage and dynamic email aliasing.
At CloudProtekt, we make sure you are safe, no matter what.

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All in on pack protection

  • VPN Shared or Dedicated VPN

    With our VPN technology, override most of the ISP restrictions

  • Encryptable cloud storage From 500MB to 10GB

    Access to our cloud platform anywhere, from your mobile or computer.

  • Dynamic Mailbox to receive or send email anonymously

    Get a dedicated mailbox with unlimited email aliases.

  • Bonus : Get access to best practice guidebook, free cleaning audit and 24/7 support
75.00 € 90 days of protection


EUR 75.00
Shared VPN, 1 Dynamic Email account, 0.5GB cloud storage. 90 days
EUR 165.00
Dedicated VPN, 1 Dynamic Email account, 1GB cloud storage. 120 days
EUR 255.00
Dedicated VPN, 3 Dynamic Email account, 2GB cloud storage. 180 days
EUR 345.00
Dedicated VPN, 3 Dynamic Email account, 2GB cloud storage. 240 days
EUR 435.00
2xDedicated VPN, 10 Dynamic Email account, 10GB cloud storage. 365 days

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Arnold V.
"I'm using this toolkit since a while now, and I'm very relieved for my privacy with the VPN offfer!"
Jerome B.
"I discovered the power of Lastpassword, a free tool. But I would never have known without CloudProtekt!"
Alice R.
"I feel like there is a guard angel on my computer. It's kind of cool"
John Z.
"I don't really use all the services, but the one I use all the time is the Mailbox service! This does not exist anywhere and it is just genius!"
Anna K.
"I'm not a big friend of computers, but their chat service is always kind, patient and very friendly to help me out"
Dania T.
"All my important documents secured with the space service. I can access it whenever I need it, even without my computer"
Patrick J.
"My computer was full of popups, but you fixed it now. Thanks again!"
Dimitri B.
"I'm very happy to have been introduced to the privacy world! Thanks!"

30 Days Money Back Gurantee

Enjoy full access to all our services and features completely risk-free.
If you are not 100% satisfied, tell us within 30 days of the purchase date and get a full refund.